Levixone is leading the new crop of urban gospel artists in Uganda. More to come from this budding singer/songwriter

Levixone is a Ugandan gospel artist who went against the odds and made it to the top in 2013 with his hit single Nonya omu. Levixone grew up from the streets and he spent most his childhood in a Kampala slum called Kosovo.

He recorded his first single at Fenon records with the help Steve Jean and other producers such as Legend P.

Levixone has recorded other successful singles such as Chikibombe, Jungle, Passport and many more hits. He also runs a charity group called 92 Hands which engages in activities of providing food, education, shelter and skilling of underprivileged children.


Education and early life 

Levixone’s birth name Lucas Lubyogo was born in Nakasongola district in 1992 and he grew up under the care of his mum Winnie Mutamba and his stepdad. Levixone says he came to know the truth about his birth in 2012 from his mum.

Levixone also narrates that the person he called his father was not his biological father and he came across this truth when he was a school-going age. His stepdad used to buy clothes and gifts for his sisters but he would not buy for him.

Levixone’s family shifted from Nakasongola to Kosovo a slum in Kampala suburb and he recollects of being punished more often because of playing in the neighborhood. His stepdad would utter statements intimidating him that he was not his son.

At the age of nine years, Levixone left his home and headed to the streets and this was because he was told by his sister how his stepdad had vowed to kill him if he came across him.

This was because Levixone had delayed at the well and a previous day had followed a group of church members and got baptized. To avoid corporal beating Levixone just headed to the streets and started living in Kosovo but without returning home.

During his street life, he meant a gentleman called Teffe who always gave him marijuana to sale and he could pay him 100shs daily. He later abandoned this job and headed to the city centre after being told by a friend that he would get a better paying job and this kind of job was selling water in buveera.


  • Sauti awards, best male artist East Africa, 2018.
  • Xtreme awards, best Ugandan artist, 2016
  • Maranatha awards, best afro-pop artist, 2019
  • Buzz Tenniez awards, best gospel artist of the year, 2017


  • VIGA awards, best male artist and best video, 2019
  • Xtreme awards, best Ugandan artist, 2017
  • VIGA awards, best video, 2017
  • Vine awards, the song of the year, artist of the year, 2020

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