Jesse10s Biography

Jesse10s, Jesse M Sekatawa (born February 3rd, 1996. Kampala Uganda), anonymously known as Jesse10s, is a songwriter and record producer in Washington, D.C., his music features a unique blend of; deep melody, groovy Edm, Afrobeats, harmonious voice & inspirational lyrics.


He is best known for his debut singles; your love, Never Let go (feat. Lulu k) & What a Feeling (feat. Cmert Keyz)“, which charted at number 60, 55 & 20 on the DMV top-60 Singles Chart respectively & hitting a record high 469,856 plays on SoundCloud & millions of streams on other digital music sites.


Jesse is also known for his humanitarian work through the Sekatawa Foundation; a non-profit program he started in May 2016 as a platform for the youth to spread good vibes & inspire the lives of young adults through music, soccer & performing arts.

  1. 1

    Born again - Jesse10s

  2. 2

    Oh Lord by Jesse10s feat Levixone

  3. 3

    What A Feeling (Jesse10s feat. Cmert Keyz)